Sabres off-season and thoughts (old)

So I was going through my blog posts and found this draft of a post from a while ago, looks to be around may… Anyway this was written at an age of innocence when the lockout wasn’t in effect and Rick Nash was still on the market. I know better days, thought it would be fun to post and look at what my input was long ago. Brett Hull was in the news at the time of this post because it was the anniversary of “No Goal”. Sore subject but we Sabres fans love to look back don’t we? Anyway I wanted to vent one more time about Hull. He has since stated that the No Goal ordeal is behind him, he acknowledged it was a b.s goal and claims he doesn’t want to keep talking about it, that whats done is done.



and here is him sporting a shirt while holding the cup

He is my personal vote for my least favorite person in sports…

Well let’s not forget about this nose

Anyway here is what I had initially about 5 months ago…


Yesterday marked the thirteenth anniversary of Brett Hull’s no goal…. Wow.


It seems like a long time since the sabres fell to the sens in 06/07 and the canes in 05/06 so to think that this game, the “No goal game” happened thirteen years ago is crazy.

Despite all the typical Buffalo cynicism that comes along with reminiscing about our teams short comings, I think there are a ton of positives.

To start the sabres have a solid future crop, Foligno, Tropp, McNabb that could be implamented at any time. As we watched last season down the stretch the line of 82-63-21 was rock solid.

Next there is newcomer Cody Hodgson, a solid pick up that I think  will pan out way better then Ville Leiblow. Also we cant forget about Sulzer, the resigning means that he is here to be one of the starting six defensman leaving everyone to assume that one of the 8 NHL ready d men is going to be trade bait.

So what is my dream scenario…

One would be going after Rick Nash, but that is highly unlikely. He has never made it out of the first round of the playoffs and wants to go to a contender. Buffalo is just that, but I don’t know how appealing the town is to him. Look for him to land in a different uniform just not the sabres. He is set with a no movement clause that he would lift if the right opportunity landed. What you get with him is a player that will play his heart out the same amount in every game throughout his remaining 5 year contract.

Then there is Bobby Ryan, a winger that is just about at a po

That’s where it stops, but I guess we can apply some of this to the current situation. Lets look again, Foligno, Tropp, Mcnabb, and Hodgeson are still the future and we can still hope for a whale to be landed by Darcy. I still pray for Bobby Ryan in blue and gold and still I hate Brett Hull.


New Look Bport


Since I first arrived at Brockport in the fall of 2010, there have been noticeable changes around campus. To begin with there has been some phase of construction going on somewhere on campus consistently since I got here. Between new facilities, upgrades to existing buildings and improvements to classrooms, the college has shown that it wants to improve the overall dynamic of its campus.

I have heard since I was a freshman about the opening of the SERC and how many purposes the building would one day serve. So to finally see the building completed and take a look around it was a good experience. My first impression was how new and expensive the whole building looked. It told me that the college is committed to putting in the necessary funds to improve the standard of the college facilities. When you look at the improvements of existing buildings alone, that could even be enough to say the college is taking strides in the right direction. However with the opening of the SERC, you get a whole other impression of how the college sees its future. The SERC can appeal to any student, to the student that will never use the gym, events and classes can be held within the new building. A place to eat for the student that otherwise would not be in the building. I think that the SERC shows each and every student that their tuition goes back into the school by putting a building like this one on our campus.

The other thing I see as an improvement is the culture change that Brockport could start to see in years to come. With new and improved buildings a new and improved student body could follow. We may start to see an increased standard in which the college holds to its applicants. Brockport may start to be taken more seriously and begin to see a more experienced student body. These questions will be answered in years to come, however what we see today is that every current student and incoming student has a new building to take pride in, and a new dynamic that the school they attend is financially committed to creating a better college experience for its students.


Aurora Colorado Shooting… What’s to blame?

Let me start this with somewhat of a disclaimer. I want anyone reading this to understand that even though my previous posts are intended to be funny and crude I want to spend some time talking about this most recent news story in a serious way. Juxtaposing serious topics and funny ones is not intended to show lack of respect I just wanted to share an opinion I have.

I just watched a video retweeted by @JeremyWGR originating from of all people, @pattonoswalt . The video ( touched on a very important message that I never thought about when it comes to shooting sprees, mass killing, etc. I think everyone should take the three minutes to watch this and gain a little perspective on the issue.

Or read the take I have on it and I will do my best to elaborate on what it said. So when you think about any horrible event like the one last night, its safe to say the culprit has a motive. People that go into a movie theater and shoot 40 plus people including children do it for a reason. Its also safe to assume they are deranged, misguided, insane… Look back to similar events and there is always a motive. Now take a second to look at how media handles these events. The initial reports are a frenzy of information with non confirmed death counts, who the perpetrator is, why its happened. Slowly more information starts to come in, but the media covers these events relentlessly. I know some will say well that’s what news is supposed to do inform the public. I argue that they are doing it wrong. This asshole in Colorado that I will not even give the satisfaction of naming is the biggest ‘celebrity’ in the United States right now. Don’t take my definition of celebrity the wrong way I just mean to say that this man is now infamous and will unfortunately be remembered far longer to the public than the names of his victims.

So where am I headed with this and what did the video convey? We as a society are drawn like moths to a light when it comes to sensational news stories, any thing with sex, violence or death is captivating for some morbid reason. People follow this particular story for many reasons, you can sympathize for the people suffering, you can see this happening to you, after all a common activity like going to the movies… When would you ever suspect that as being remotely dangerous. Anyway the media was all over the story and will not stop. As the days turn to weeks we will continue to see video, photos and other stories all linked to this event and most importantly to the gunman. The media makes the guy out to be a monster yes, it makes the public know that the horrific event happened and the outreach of support is great. However there is a grave mistake being made, the way an event like this is covered, makes more events like it happen.

Here this out because it made a lot of sense to me. When the media puts up the gunman’s photo, life story, even the most irrelevant information into the public eye, just to appease the masses craving for more information…  They are doing the opposite of what they should do. The biggest thing people say when an event like this happens is” how can we prevent this from happening again”. Well, do the opposite of what we did today and have done in the years past. Rather than show this clowns face and name all over the news make him a nobody. Rather than show video footage all day of the event have it be mentioned and move on to other news not about what the gunman has done. With limited exposure, it will be less likely to be duplicated.

Think about it like this, someone that commits a crime like this is more often than not seeking attention or exposure. Probably in societies eyes the perpetrator is an outcast, insignificant, and I’m really resisting a more profanity ridden description. They want to get a message out like hey take me seriously or this is what you get for making fun of me thing. What better way to be heard.. again I am not by any means trying to be cold in this or disrespectful.

The solution would be to never give this guy ‘credit’ or the limelight for his actions. In the community this can be handled differently, however making it national news and making this guy ‘famous’ is not the solution. The out pour of support from the nation is amazing. We truly are a country that rallies in the face of adversity, the greatest justice we can do is to never forget the victims, never forget that this happened. put this guy before a judge and eventually a executioner and forget he ever existed. Do not feed into the media hype of this individual, honor the dead by making this guys life story irrelevant. Make it so in the future this is not a viable option for a psychopath that wants to be heard.

I hope this post did not offend anyone, it was nowhere close to being intended that way. Its a simple opinion that doesn’t change the fact that this event happened. My heart along with millions more go out to everyone involved. Let us learn from this and limit actions like it from ever happening again.


Sabres Development Camp



Nothing says Buffalo Hockey more than the fact that over 500 fans showed up to watch a practice held for players not even on the roster. This is what Buffalo fans embody, we love our team, our players and yes, even our prospects. These guys, kids really, are the future crop that someday will be lighting the lamp at FNC. Hell some already have had that honor (82,19,81,78,72 to name a few). What even more fans get to see is our recent draft picks: ruskie, Mikhail Grigorenko, the tat man, Zemgus Girgensons and making his first appearance, Joel Armia.



What really blew me away was what the troops had to do before their 10:00am on ice practice, and when I say troops they literally were treated that way…

The group was woken up at the ass crack of dawn, 4:30 am by get this… Navy SEALS. What does that have to do with hockey some would ask. Ill start by saying that this is perhaps the coolest workout idea I’ve heard of but definitely the smartest bonding exercise. Anyone who has ever seen those making the cut shows about the hell week that SEALS most go through just to be considered entry into the elite force can agree, it looks impossible. What you see is guys puking, tears of anger and pain.. but the key point is the idea of installing team leadership, the ability to work together, as a unit… Exactly the kick in the ass the Buffalo Sabres need, organizationally. The Sabres have shown that they want to rid the locker room of its rotten parts, this shows that they are bringing in components that are true to their teammates and to themselves. I may be overplaying the importance of this but I think that it is going to do a ton for the young guys that were just drafted, along with the guys who got the taste last year and crave more.

Each exercise they do together they are as strong as their weakest link at this point. The dynamic is changing in Buffalo grit is being injected like a painkiller, these guys will have the jam needed to content, now we are only a few key pieces away, but until then the sabres have swagger, balls, attitude on how things need to go.

Plus Lindy had them all over for a BBQ after practice so he obviously wants to rebuild his image as a player conscious coach and not a dickhead like ‘bad boys’ Brad Boyes portrayed him to be.

Things are beginning to start up for the Sabres gear by gear they are accelerating, they just cant afford to slow down.


More to come soon, sorry for the hiatus cheers.

The Art of Trolling

Urban Dictionary defines trolling as

“Being a prick on the internet because you can. “
” The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet.”
So seeing that it was Friday and work had been going exponentially slow I decided to have a little fun.
I had not talked to a friend of mine since I left school about a month ago, I miss him and wanted to show that I still remember how important of a buddy he is.
So me and an unnamed accomplice went onto Craigslist and  created this
Obviously the number listed was my friends and I could only assume that there would be a high demand for free puppies. Thus he would get a ton of phone calls being addressed as “Dan” with people inquiring about free puppies.
He is the reaction
So not only in the first 20 minuets did he receive 11 calls and a text about the ad… He thought it was some guy who had legitimately posted an ad about his free puppy giveaway and made a typo on the phone number.
It gets worse (for him)
There was a second ad posted… Ill let it speak for itself
Love you Buddy,
I’m sure either karma or your retaliation will be swift as a result

Why I’m Awkward (Part 1)

So I feel like this will be a frequently updated topic but here is one example that I just remembered…

Freshman year around Halloween each room was allowed to decorate their respective doors with Ghouls, Goblins, Trolls and more (otherwise know as the jersey shore)


Any way as I strutted down our hallway I noticed that the girl across from our room was decorating her door with cobwebs and other stupid shit, but trying to be the nice guy I fool people into thinking I am I said the following..

“Lookin’ Good”

Innocent enough, except for one thing…. she was doing this at the time:



Therefore she understood me to be saying LOOKIN” GOOD in context to her bodacious booty

Well I see what your saying that’s not too bad, whats the worst that could happen from that….


Haha your right, only this was what walked up at the same time as her bending over for tape and me letting out the fateful comment.




Okay so not that big but, similar.

Anyway as I was getting the death stare from two very angry people so I ran to the my door to go in and hide… It got worse, I couldn’t get the right key and open the damn door so for what seemed like 5 minutes I stood with my back to the two people I had just insulted by my attempt at friendliness.  without looking back I got my ass inside.

What this blog will accomplish

I am really new to this, but like it a lot, that being said I have what is to be a “professional, and communications driven” blog and then this one. This will be lighter, carry over many topics and hopefully appeal to more people.




I have decided it is high time to experiment with blogs. WordPress seems to be the place to do this…let’s see how it goes.