The Art of Trolling

Urban Dictionary defines trolling as

“Being a prick on the internet because you can. “
” The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet.”
So seeing that it was Friday and work had been going exponentially slow I decided to have a little fun.
I had not talked to a friend of mine since I left school about a month ago, I miss him and wanted to show that I still remember how important of a buddy he is.
So me and an unnamed accomplice went onto Craigslist and  created this
Obviously the number listed was my friends and I could only assume that there would be a high demand for free puppies. Thus he would get a ton of phone calls being addressed as “Dan” with people inquiring about free puppies.
He is the reaction
So not only in the first 20 minuets did he receive 11 calls and a text about the ad… He thought it was some guy who had legitimately posted an ad about his free puppy giveaway and made a typo on the phone number.
It gets worse (for him)
There was a second ad posted… Ill let it speak for itself
Love you Buddy,
I’m sure either karma or your retaliation will be swift as a result

About leyrick7

Junior, The College at Brockport. I enjoy lots of things.

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