Sabres Development Camp



Nothing says Buffalo Hockey more than the fact that over 500 fans showed up to watch a practice held for players not even on the roster. This is what Buffalo fans embody, we love our team, our players and yes, even our prospects. These guys, kids really, are the future crop that someday will be lighting the lamp at FNC. Hell some already have had that honor (82,19,81,78,72 to name a few). What even more fans get to see is our recent draft picks: ruskie, Mikhail Grigorenko, the tat man, Zemgus Girgensons and making his first appearance, Joel Armia.



What really blew me away was what the troops had to do before their 10:00am on ice practice, and when I say troops they literally were treated that way…

The group was woken up at the ass crack of dawn, 4:30 am by get this… Navy SEALS. What does that have to do with hockey some would ask. Ill start by saying that this is perhaps the coolest workout idea I’ve heard of but definitely the smartest bonding exercise. Anyone who has ever seen those making the cut shows about the hell week that SEALS most go through just to be considered entry into the elite force can agree, it looks impossible. What you see is guys puking, tears of anger and pain.. but the key point is the idea of installing team leadership, the ability to work together, as a unit… Exactly the kick in the ass the Buffalo Sabres need, organizationally. The Sabres have shown that they want to rid the locker room of its rotten parts, this shows that they are bringing in components that are true to their teammates and to themselves. I may be overplaying the importance of this but I think that it is going to do a ton for the young guys that were just drafted, along with the guys who got the taste last year and crave more.

Each exercise they do together they are as strong as their weakest link at this point. The dynamic is changing in Buffalo grit is being injected like a painkiller, these guys will have the jam needed to content, now we are only a few key pieces away, but until then the sabres have swagger, balls, attitude on how things need to go.

Plus Lindy had them all over for a BBQ after practice so he obviously wants to rebuild his image as a player conscious coach and not a dickhead like ‘bad boys’ Brad Boyes portrayed him to be.

Things are beginning to start up for the Sabres gear by gear they are accelerating, they just cant afford to slow down.


More to come soon, sorry for the hiatus cheers.


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