Aurora Colorado Shooting… What’s to blame?

Let me start this with somewhat of a disclaimer. I want anyone reading this to understand that even though my previous posts are intended to be funny and crude I want to spend some time talking about this most recent news story in a serious way. Juxtaposing serious topics and funny ones is not intended to show lack of respect I just wanted to share an opinion I have.

I just watched a video retweeted by @JeremyWGR originating from of all people, @pattonoswalt . The video ( touched on a very important message that I never thought about when it comes to shooting sprees, mass killing, etc. I think everyone should take the three minutes to watch this and gain a little perspective on the issue.

Or read the take I have on it and I will do my best to elaborate on what it said. So when you think about any horrible event like the one last night, its safe to say the culprit has a motive. People that go into a movie theater and shoot 40 plus people including children do it for a reason. Its also safe to assume they are deranged, misguided, insane… Look back to similar events and there is always a motive. Now take a second to look at how media handles these events. The initial reports are a frenzy of information with non confirmed death counts, who the perpetrator is, why its happened. Slowly more information starts to come in, but the media covers these events relentlessly. I know some will say well that’s what news is supposed to do inform the public. I argue that they are doing it wrong. This asshole in Colorado that I will not even give the satisfaction of naming is the biggest ‘celebrity’ in the United States right now. Don’t take my definition of celebrity the wrong way I just mean to say that this man is now infamous and will unfortunately be remembered far longer to the public than the names of his victims.

So where am I headed with this and what did the video convey? We as a society are drawn like moths to a light when it comes to sensational news stories, any thing with sex, violence or death is captivating for some morbid reason. People follow this particular story for many reasons, you can sympathize for the people suffering, you can see this happening to you, after all a common activity like going to the movies… When would you ever suspect that as being remotely dangerous. Anyway the media was all over the story and will not stop. As the days turn to weeks we will continue to see video, photos and other stories all linked to this event and most importantly to the gunman. The media makes the guy out to be a monster yes, it makes the public know that the horrific event happened and the outreach of support is great. However there is a grave mistake being made, the way an event like this is covered, makes more events like it happen.

Here this out because it made a lot of sense to me. When the media puts up the gunman’s photo, life story, even the most irrelevant information into the public eye, just to appease the masses craving for more information…  They are doing the opposite of what they should do. The biggest thing people say when an event like this happens is” how can we prevent this from happening again”. Well, do the opposite of what we did today and have done in the years past. Rather than show this clowns face and name all over the news make him a nobody. Rather than show video footage all day of the event have it be mentioned and move on to other news not about what the gunman has done. With limited exposure, it will be less likely to be duplicated.

Think about it like this, someone that commits a crime like this is more often than not seeking attention or exposure. Probably in societies eyes the perpetrator is an outcast, insignificant, and I’m really resisting a more profanity ridden description. They want to get a message out like hey take me seriously or this is what you get for making fun of me thing. What better way to be heard.. again I am not by any means trying to be cold in this or disrespectful.

The solution would be to never give this guy ‘credit’ or the limelight for his actions. In the community this can be handled differently, however making it national news and making this guy ‘famous’ is not the solution. The out pour of support from the nation is amazing. We truly are a country that rallies in the face of adversity, the greatest justice we can do is to never forget the victims, never forget that this happened. put this guy before a judge and eventually a executioner and forget he ever existed. Do not feed into the media hype of this individual, honor the dead by making this guys life story irrelevant. Make it so in the future this is not a viable option for a psychopath that wants to be heard.

I hope this post did not offend anyone, it was nowhere close to being intended that way. Its a simple opinion that doesn’t change the fact that this event happened. My heart along with millions more go out to everyone involved. Let us learn from this and limit actions like it from ever happening again.



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