New Look Bport


Since I first arrived at Brockport in the fall of 2010, there have been noticeable changes around campus. To begin with there has been some phase of construction going on somewhere on campus consistently since I got here. Between new facilities, upgrades to existing buildings and improvements to classrooms, the college has shown that it wants to improve the overall dynamic of its campus.

I have heard since I was a freshman about the opening of the SERC and how many purposes the building would one day serve. So to finally see the building completed and take a look around it was a good experience. My first impression was how new and expensive the whole building looked. It told me that the college is committed to putting in the necessary funds to improve the standard of the college facilities. When you look at the improvements of existing buildings alone, that could even be enough to say the college is taking strides in the right direction. However with the opening of the SERC, you get a whole other impression of how the college sees its future. The SERC can appeal to any student, to the student that will never use the gym, events and classes can be held within the new building. A place to eat for the student that otherwise would not be in the building. I think that the SERC shows each and every student that their tuition goes back into the school by putting a building like this one on our campus.

The other thing I see as an improvement is the culture change that Brockport could start to see in years to come. With new and improved buildings a new and improved student body could follow. We may start to see an increased standard in which the college holds to its applicants. Brockport may start to be taken more seriously and begin to see a more experienced student body. These questions will be answered in years to come, however what we see today is that every current student and incoming student has a new building to take pride in, and a new dynamic that the school they attend is financially committed to creating a better college experience for its students.



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