Sabres off-season and thoughts (old)

So I was going through my blog posts and found this draft of a post from a while ago, looks to be around may… Anyway this was written at an age of innocence when the lockout wasn’t in effect and Rick Nash was still on the market. I know better days, thought it would be fun to post and look at what my input was long ago. Brett Hull was in the news at the time of this post because it was the anniversary of “No Goal”. Sore subject but we Sabres fans love to look back don’t we? Anyway I wanted to vent one more time about Hull. He has since stated that the No Goal ordeal is behind him, he acknowledged it was a b.s goal and claims he doesn’t want to keep talking about it, that whats done is done.



and here is him sporting a shirt while holding the cup

He is my personal vote for my least favorite person in sports…

Well let’s not forget about this nose

Anyway here is what I had initially about 5 months ago…


Yesterday marked the thirteenth anniversary of Brett Hull’s no goal…. Wow.


It seems like a long time since the sabres fell to the sens in 06/07 and the canes in 05/06 so to think that this game, the “No goal game” happened thirteen years ago is crazy.

Despite all the typical Buffalo cynicism that comes along with reminiscing about our teams short comings, I think there are a ton of positives.

To start the sabres have a solid future crop, Foligno, Tropp, McNabb that could be implamented at any time. As we watched last season down the stretch the line of 82-63-21 was rock solid.

Next there is newcomer Cody Hodgson, a solid pick up that I think  will pan out way better then Ville Leiblow. Also we cant forget about Sulzer, the resigning means that he is here to be one of the starting six defensman leaving everyone to assume that one of the 8 NHL ready d men is going to be trade bait.

So what is my dream scenario…

One would be going after Rick Nash, but that is highly unlikely. He has never made it out of the first round of the playoffs and wants to go to a contender. Buffalo is just that, but I don’t know how appealing the town is to him. Look for him to land in a different uniform just not the sabres. He is set with a no movement clause that he would lift if the right opportunity landed. What you get with him is a player that will play his heart out the same amount in every game throughout his remaining 5 year contract.

Then there is Bobby Ryan, a winger that is just about at a po

That’s where it stops, but I guess we can apply some of this to the current situation. Lets look again, Foligno, Tropp, Mcnabb, and Hodgeson are still the future and we can still hope for a whale to be landed by Darcy. I still pray for Bobby Ryan in blue and gold and still I hate Brett Hull.


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